Make money from UC News App

make money from UC news

Today in this article we will talk about how you can earn money from UC news app.

The UC news app gives writers and bloggers a chance to earn money. You can publish your articles on UC News and monetize your content and earn money.

So, let us start to know how to write your content but publish it on UC News app and earn money from it.

How to Publish on UC News App?

To get your content published on UC News App, you have to follow the steps given below:

  • Go to UC News Produce.
  • Signup for a new account.
  • Your account will be approved first, it may take up to 48 hours.
  • Once you get the approval, you will have to login to the Dashboard.
  • Click on post
  • Then click on new post.
  • Write your article, give it a nice title and also add a featured image.
  • After verifying your content once, simply click on the button in Publish.

This is all the same as we write and publish posts in the WordPress blog or website’s dashboard.

Find free images for commercial use with Pixabay’s mobile app (to create great featured images)

is that all! Then you just have to wait until your articles are approved. Till then it will show a Pending mark on your post and whenever your post is approved, it will also automatically publish.

How to earn money from UC News App?

Once your content is published, now you will think about how to earn money by monetizing this content.

But before I tell you about the process of monetize, below are some tips from me to earn some more money:

Whenever there is talk of selling your content, always remember, “Content is the King.”

Write a content that is useful for your audience. Once you write some great content, now you just need clicks on your content.

To attract the reader to your content, you have to keep your title nice and attractive to such an extent that anyone can click on it. This does not mean that you write a wrong title in the span of clicks. Hence write attractive title on genuine.

Never mislead the audience, with the wrong featured images.

To monetize, follow the steps given below:

  • Click on Reporting Tab
  • Select income data
  • Then click on AD Monetization

That’s all you have to do. But before doing this, keep in mind the following things.

  • Your revenue will count from the day you have successfully applied.
  • Last week’s gross income is updated every Wednesday.
  • Balance means the amount that you can Withdraw at that time.
  • You can withdraw your income in between 26 to 28 days every month and its minimum amount, ie the threshold amount should be 50 USD.
  • You can withdraw once a month and cannot adjust the amount. All income will be withdrawn in a single withdrawal.
  • Once withdrawal is complete, you will be notified by mail or internal message.
  • Balance will be reduced only when your withdraw is complete.
  • Currently they only support USD currency in the panel. You will get the amount in local currency only during the withdrawal.

So if you are a good writer or a blogger, UC News start earning money from you today!

If you have any questions in this regard, then you must ask us through comments and share this way of earning money from UC News App with more and more people through social media.

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